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Restoration of Services

In light of New York governor's new rollback on COVID restrictions, the IAFL Board has approved the following changes effective immediately:

  1. Masks are no longer required while in the masjid. Attendees may wear a mask or a face covering as a personal choice if they wish to do so. 

    1. Unvaccinated attendees are Strongly encouraged to wear a mask or a face covering. 

  2. Fully vaccinated attendees may stand shoulder-to-shoulder in congregation. However, if one prefers to do social distancing then they can use the marked prayer spots.

    1. Unvaccinated attendees are Strongly encouraged to maintain social distancing.


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  1. Attendees of IAFL services may continue to bring their own prayer rug or utilize the main hall carpet. 

  2. Sunday halaqa and breakfast activities are also restored. 

  3. All other events/activities at IAFL, including private events, are restored.

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